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Hi there, I’m AJ Allen, owner of AjsDesignLab.com.au.  I have been creating websites for about 15 years now… so yes, I’ve been around the block a few times. There is no substitute for experience!

Computers, code and all things “techy” have always fascinated me, but creating beautiful functional webpages and software using nothing but lines of code and imagination has always been my first love as far as work goes.

Here at AjsDesignLab, you deal with one person only, myself. This is no fancy design agency that employs others to get through as many designs as possible each month. I do each project end to end: from initial consult, to all the actual design, coding, graphics, and of course training to ensure you are comfortable with using your new website.

If you live in the Mildura region, then we can arrange to meet over a cup of coffee and discuss your requirements. For those that are further afield, then we can communicate via email, phone and Skype. Whether you already have an existing website that needs an overhaul, or you are just thinking about building your first one, I can help you decide what’s best for your situation.

A chat or phone call costs nothing, so why not get in touch and we can talk about your options?

Cheers, AJ

I’ve been doing this since last century (yes, really) so I guess I know a thing or two about this interwebby stuff. And I use all of that knowledge and experience to create beautiful, functional websites for people like YOU.


Website Designer

He was such a nice boy, I just don’t know where I went wrong with this one. Why couldn’t he get a real job, like a doctor or accountant or something? Still, I suppose a “web designer” (whatever that is) is better than nothing. Sigh.

AJ's Mum

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