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What’s the single most important thing to consider, when getting a new website for your local business? Is it the cost, what it looks like, or something else? Answer: something else. Sure, price is a factor, and naturally you want it looking great, but conversion rate will be the #1 consideration for most businesses.

How a website achieves its goal is the most important thing to think about with your design. Whether that is to bring in more leads, sell more product, or simply to serve as an online presence for a brick and mortar business. You have to ask yourself, will this achieve my goals?

But of course that is no reason why a website can’t look stunningly beautiful as well – the two things are not mutually exclusive. So here are a few of the designs I have done in the past. Websites that not only do what they are supposed to, they look great while doing it!



MyMildura, a local travel and visitor guide. Using WordPress, which makes it easy to add new content, updates and edit pages etc, without knowing anything about code. Visit website.



An American based sports website. This was originally a plain and simple 3 column website, that was not mobile friendly. After getting a complete design overhaul, it now look beautiful on both desktop and mobile. Visit website.



Another American based website, with high traffic numbers. A unique and funky design was requested, and the owner loves the colors, and the way the site is now much faster and more user friendly. Visit website.

Aj gave my website a much needed face-lift and I am so happy with the way it turned out. The design is clean and simple but still feels warm and friendly, definitely a great fit for my niche. Because AJ designed the template specifically to work within the site-building model I use, it’s super simple for me to manage.. and that’s no mean feat as I’m technically incompetent!

Sue Koranki


Coming soon!

Cheap Chic Weddings


AJ is my go to person for anything related to web design and technical website stuff (my word for tech challenges I can’t figure out). He’s incredibly dedicated to producing a great result that not only looks good, but functions smoothly. I am always confident that when I contract him for a job that it will be done right.

Recently AJ moved my church’s website to a new host/platform and I was blown away by how seamless the transition was. Not only that, but he was able to bring in the design elements from the previous site while adding some perks to the functionality that make working on that site a dream now.

Wendy Legendre


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